At Hotsprings, we are passionate about creating fashion apparel.

We take pride in our ability to meet and exceed the demands of today’s global marketplace, with a commitment to quality, innovation, impeccable service, and meeting the needs of today’s trends.

As buying behaviour has changed, so too has our business structure, with a strategic objective to build global businesses and brands with integrity, competitive advantage, commercial viability, and sustainable futures.

Long standing relationships with leading licensors, manufacturers, distributors, designers, agents and retailers allow us to swiftly meet market demand across any category within the trade, consumer and licensing world. Our dedication to these partners is relentless.

Sharing the same operational backbone allows our four businesses to own DNA that holds advantageous positioning against our competitive set – enabling market leadership and category domination.

Our mission is to continuously seek ways to make our offering meaningful, build the strength of our relationships and commit to our growth. This allows us to be dependable partners in every aspect of the businesses in which we operate.