At Hotsprings we are committed to building the profile of our brands. Whether its Lover, Cooper St, Rebecca Vallance, Vestire or P.E Nation each of our brands enjoys a certain autonomy, ensuring in the process they preserve their own unique style, image and positioning. Each brand in the Hotsprings business has a unique DNA and is sold into the contemporary, aspirational mid tier market.

Our current Hotsprings brands include:


  • Vestire

  • Cooper St

  • P.E Nation

  • Rebecca Vallance

All of our brands are complementary and enjoy great opportunity for growth. They have strong market recognition, and stay true to their unique brand and values.

By masterminding unique brand philosophies that resonate and connect with the consumer, Hotsprings has successfully maintained high performing ‘stand-out’ brands in leading department and specialty stores.

As part of our long-term strategy to become ‘home’ to a collection of brands we have appointed a specialist team of brand experts. Together we have developed strategies to expand our brand portfolio through acquisition or licensing arrangements with global brands, in the process identifying new opportunities to bring to the Australian market,

We have our own brand teams and in-house marketing specialists to facilitate investment in all aspects of the brand equation.